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At Aegean

e appreciate that making holiday arrangements or booking hotels using the Internet is a new experience for many people, often approached with an understandable amount of trepidation and caution. Adverse media reports about internet fraud coupled with dealing with a company based in a foreign country, understandably makes some people reluctant to proceed beyond just obtaining information.

The nature of our business requires an often lengthy communication process to finalize arrangements. In our experience, this quickly establishes a relationship of trust with our prospective clients. During the past four years Aegean Tour Travel has become one of Turkeys leading Internet based travel agencies, offering a wide range of tourism opportunities anywhere in Turkey. Providing not just up to date information via an established network of internationally hosted websites, but fast response and follow up to inquiries. This, in conjunction with membership of TURSAB, the Government sponsored Association of Turkish Travel Agencies, provides a platform for mutual trust, upon which our reputation is based. TESTIMONIALS.



Upon receipt of a reservation request we check availability, make a provisional reservation, confirm the price and send details of our booking details and payment options. As soon as we receive the deposit, balance or full payment, we make firm bookings and confirm all other arrangements, including the dates when balance payments are due.


Deposit and
Balance Payment

The payment schedule below relates to the full amount and the commencement date of the booking:

If the booking is made... Amount due with
the initial booking
Amount due 4
months before
Amount due 2
 months before
Full payment with
booking, discount
More than 6 months before commencement Initial Deposit 10% Balance Deposit 20% Final 70% 3%
From 4 - 6 months before commencement Deposit 30% ~ Final 70% 1.5%
From 2 - 4 months before commencement Deposit 30% ~ Final 70% ~

During the 2 months before commencement

~ ~ Full 100% ~


Final Payment

Upon receipt of the final payment, we will re-confirm all arrangements, send tickets or vouchers, provide address and contact details, telephone and fax numbers and all outstanding information. Full details of each payment option available will be set out clearly in our final booking confirmation, including any payment method discounts or service charges.


Payment Methods

  1. BANK TRANSFER In $USD, €URO or £GBP safe method of payment, we offer a nominal discount for most payments made this way.

  2. PERSONAL CHEQUE By post, only available for £GBP or €URO cheques drawn on banks within the UK or the Eurozone.

  3. ON ARRIVAL Available for certain bookings, providing the balance payment can be made at our office in Bodrum in cash or travelers check.

  4. CREDIT CARD We require payment authorization by one of the following methods, together with a copy of the CARD HOLDERS PASSPORT:
    - Regular EMAIL.

    - Telephone +90 252 313 0722, confirmation is required by email (excluding the card number).

    - FAX to: +90 252 313 0723

    Where credit card payments are made in $USD, €URO or £GBP, the foreign currency amount authorized will be converted to the equivalent amount in Turkish Lira at the rate of exchange on the date of the transaction. The exchange exchange rate used for all credit card transactions is calculated using the rates published by the Central Bank of Turkey, in accordance with the following schedule:
    - Payments up to $250 €250 £150, +5%.
    - From $251 €251 £151 to $700 €700 £450, +4%.
    - From $701 €701 £451 to $1100 €1100 £700, +3%.
    - Over $1100 €1100 £700, +2%.

    INFORMATION relating to payments by CREDIT CARD. Payments made with foreign credit or debit cards, have to be processed in Turkish Lira. Due to rate differentials between Turkish and international exchange rates, and other factors, the amount appearing on credit card statements may be lower or higher than the foreign currency amount authorized. We have no control over this situation, the Turkish Lira amount appearing on the transaction confirmation, is the amount we received.

Payment Options


All products, prices and taxes displayed on our global network of locally hosted websites are subject to availability and change without notice by the operators and governments, and may be subject to currency fluctuations. Aegean Tour Travel act only as agents for the airlines, transportation companies, yacht companies and owners, hotel owners or contractors and other principals, and all tickets, exchange orders, vouchers and documents are issued subject to the conditions under which such transportation, accommodation and other contractors operate. By the acceptance of any documentation, the purchaser agrees that neither Aegean Tour Travel, its employees or associated companies/agents shall be or become responsible for any injury, damage, accident, loss, delay or irregularity that may be caused to a person or property or otherwise in connection with any accommodation, transportation or any other service included in the travel or accommodation arrangements. This will also apply for any reason resulting directly or indirectly from Acts of God, dangers incidental to the sea or terrain, machinery breakdown, hostilities, riots, strikes, civil commotion, thefts, sickness, evacuation, quarantine, immigration, medical or customs regulations, improper or insufficient passports or other documentation or cancellations in itinerary or schedules or from any cause beyond the control of Aegean Tour Travel, its employees or associated companies/agents. Aegean Tour Travel, its employees or associates shall not be or become liable for any additional expenses or liability sustained or incurred by a purchaser as a result of any of the foregoing. Aegean Tour Travel, its employees or associated companies/agents reserve the right to alter or modify itineraries, accommodation and transportation in any way necessary due to circumstances beyond their control. Aegean Tour Travel, its employees or associated companies/agents do not accept any liability for failure on the part of transportation companies whose responsibility is confined to their own operations. Aegean Tour Travel reserves the right to cancel or withdraw at any time, bookings made by or for the client, in which event no liability whatsoever shall be attributed to Aegean Tour Travel, its employees or associated companies/agents and furthermore while taking every care with purchasers property, shall not be liable for any loss, damage or inconvenience in the handling thereof. Aegean Tour Travel shall be exempt from all liability in respect of any detention, delay, loss, damage, sickness, or injury however or whosoever caused and of whatever kind occurring of or to the passenger at any time when the passenger is not on board a carrier or conveyance used and operated by the transport companies and firms. The passage contract in use by the transportation companies shall constitute the sole contract between the transportation companies and firms and the purchaser of a tour and/or passengers. Any legal disputes shall be subject to the laws of Turkey, under the jurisdiction of a Turkish Court.



We strongly recommend that travel insurance is obtained that also includes adequate cancellation cover.

If circumstances arise for any reason that require you to cancel the booking, or part of the booking, notice must be sent in writing (by post, email or fax), to Aegean Tour Travel, including the reason for cancellation. Cancellation will be effective from the date and time we receive the written notice.

We accept no responsibility for any costs or expenses incurred as a result of cancellations or disruption to ferry services caused by bad weather, mechanical breakdown, cessation of ferry options or any other reason beyond our control. In the event that a ferry is cancelled, your ticket is good for the next available ferry. The terms and conditions of the ferry operator will apply.

For bareboat charters, Gulet charters and any bookings made with other service providers, the cancellation policy of the relevant charter company or service provider will apply, details are available on request. In all cases we reserve the right to charge a reasonable amount to cover our administration and any other costs.

The cancellation policy relating specifically to bareboat charters is included in the Bareboat Terms and Conditions, issued separately.
Unless stated otherwise above, or in our booking details, the following cancellation charges will apply, based on the total amount of the booking:

  • Up to eight weeks before commencement of the booking 10%, or €50, whichever is the greater.
  • Between eight weeks and four weeks before commencement of the booking 25%.
  • Between four weeks and one week before commencement of the booking 50%.
  • During the last week before commencement of the booking 80%.
  • During the last 36 hours before commencement of the booking 100%.
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Refunds are made to the original payees account, less any cancellation or other charges that apply, as follows:
  • BANK TRANSFER refunds will be credited to the payees bank account in the same currency the original payment was made.
  • POSTAL CHEQUE refunds will be credited to the payees bank account in the same currency the original payment was made.
  • CREDIT CARD refunds will be credited to the payees card account in Turkish Lira, based on the Turkish Lira amount received on the date of the debit transaction. The foreign currency refund amount appearing on the credit card statement will be determined by current international currency exchange rates used by your credit card issuing bank, plus any commission charges they may apply.
  • CASH PAYMENT made in foreign currency, refunds will be in Turkish Lira at our current published buying rate.



aegean TOUR TRAVEL is a full member of the Turkish Association of Travel Agencies

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